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Guitar Speaker 


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Guitar Speaker 

Written By: Daniel McGregor 




• Jigsaw (1) 

broken guitar (1) 

• Metal ruler (1) 

• Speakers (2) 

Soldering iron (1) 

• Speaker wire (1) 

cordless drill (1) 

short wood screws (8) 

math compass (1) 

soft pencil (1) 

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Guitar Speaker 

Step 1 — Guitar Speaker 


second circle 

Sound Hole 





• I first measured out where I wanted 
to place the speakers using the 
ruler or a tape measure. 

• I measured out the centre of the 
guitar and drew a centre line 
parallel to the guitar neck (see 
picture). I then used a math 
compass to draw the circles to be 
cut out. 

• Note: Make sure when 
drawing the circles to give 
the speakers enough distance from 
each other. 

• I suggest drawing the circle at the 
sound hole first as it will give you 
an idea as to how much space you 
have left to play with. 

• After drawing the second circle I 
began cutting. 

• I suggest weighing the guitar down 
with something heavy to prevent 
vibrations while cutting the holes 
with a jigsaw. Start carefully and if 
there is too much vibration add 
more weight. 

• After cutting out the first speaker 
hole I used the cordless drill to 
make a small hole in the centre of 
the second circle to be able to cut 
out the second speaker hole. 

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Guitar Speaker 

Step 2 

• Next I drilled a hole in the bottom of the guitar to thread the speaker wires through. 

• Note: Give yourself enough slack and tie a knot to prevent accidentally ripping out the 
cables from the speakers. 

• I used the soldering iron to attach the wires to the speakers. You may find that old 
speakers tend to have more than enough solder on them already to make a good 
connection. (If not, just add a little extra. ;) ) 

• Now all I needed to do is screw the speakers to the guitar using the wood screws. 

• I suggest first placing the speakers in as you see fit and marking out where the screws 
shall go in. Then pre-drill the marked spots to prevent the wood from splintering and then 
turn the screws in. 

• Feel free if you like to then seal off the wire hole with some hot glue. 

• And that's it. All you need to do now is connect the speakers, turn up the volume and enjoy 
the sound. :) 

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